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SPYDER have a nationwide portfolio of 15665 facilities including rooftop, tower and monopoles for base stations, small cell, WiFi, point to point and point to multi point microwave links. The portfolio is geo-coded for easy selection and available on network operator compliant terms.

SPYDER Site Finder

SPYDER Site Finder is a bespoke application providing a quick and easy method for identifying SPYDER facilities close to operator requirements.

Site Finder is optimised for use on smartphone and tablet providing a powerful tool in the office or out on survey.

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The SPYDER process

Our extensive portfolio comprises facilities which are readily available, situated where people live, work, travel and socialise. Network operators benefit from pre-agreed terms, replacing acquisition risk with the certainty of known acquisition timescales.

Our turnkey process takes in all aspects of acquisition, design, town planning and construction. We have a reputation for speed of response and a personal, professional service, allowing network operators or their consultants to deliver ahead of target, reducing deployment timescales. The SPYDER process continually adapts to network evolution and features CAPEX and OPEX controls in a streamlined package.

Site management

SPYDER provide a single point of contact for all site management matters and will quickly process applications for equipment upgrades, network consolidation and decommissioning.

When network operators, their consultants or contractors need to access equipment, whether for an emergency or to undertake planned or reactive maintenance, our Permit Access tool is pre-populated with network operators data and provides a single point of contact.

SPYDER Permit Access

The Freshwave Permit Access tool is an online application designed to provide a quick and easy method for booking and tracking access to SPYDER facilities. The efficient interface minimises site outages and maximises network utilisation.
The tool is optimised for use on smartphone, tablet and PC, allowing users to remotely track progress of Permit Access applications, including those made by colleagues in the same company.

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If you are interested in installing telecommunications equipment at any of our 15665 locations, please contact Freshwave to discuss the options further.

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