Property owners

Generate income without impacting on your core business

SPYDER has assembled a portfolio of 14894 facilities, from individual owners to multinational companies. Whatever the size of your property holding, our aim is to provide a revenue earning opportunity from telecommunication equipment, without impacting on your core business activity.

Peace of mind for property owners

SPYDER produce a bespoke design solution for each facility to avoid conflict with the owner's core business activity, whilst satisfying operators technical requirements.

We obtain all statutory approvals and undertake construction without risk or cost to the property owner.

Site management

SPYDER integrate with owners, their property managers, contractors and maintenance personnel to provide a single point of contact in managing the facility. We remain involved for the life of the installation. Direct contact between the property owner and network operator's eliminated.

If you need to maintain, extend or redevelop your property SPYDER is on hand to manage temporary or permanent relocation of the facility and preserve the revenue stream.

If a network operator wishes to upgrade or modify the facility SPYDER will manage the process. We will comply with the property owner's protocol, liaising efficiently within the owner's organisation, so any issues are resolved quickly and owner's personnel time used effectively.

Access management

The Freshwave Permit Access tool is an online application which allows network operators approved engineers and consultants to book access to maintain or inspect their equipment.

Our Permit Access tool is a bespoke system which records engineer details and training certification and has regard for site specific access issues and requirements. The owner and site management are automatically notified in advance of an access visit to take account of health and safety, security and operational requirements.

If you are interested in generating additional income or have an existing installation and want to reduce your management input, contact Freshwave, without obligation, to discuss the options.

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